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moonshinecamo - Sirphis

Moon Shine Camo Rebrands As Sirphis

MT. PLEASANT MILLS, PA – Moon Shine Camo, announces their company rebranding to Sirphis, LLC, along with a new design and a new graphics brand.

Moon Shine Camo has spent years marketing Lifestyle Camo® patterns and has established Muddy Girl® as the go-to female brand in the outdoor industry.  In order to further diversify, new designs and company restructuring were required, so on September 15, 2018, Moon Shine Camo announced their company’s rebranding to Sirphis, LLC.

“Everything has and can be identified by its surface.  We specialize in the design and application of surfaces, so it was only appropriate for our company to be named Sirphis”, states Travis Mattern, President. “Our company mission is simple: to develop patterns that have mass visual appeal, increasing the public demand for any product branded by its Sirphis”.

Sirphis is a cutting edge designer of quality brand name apparel and patterns, including Lifestyle Camo, Muddy Girl, Pulse and Grit House.

Lifestyle Camo®

Life Between Hunts.  Lifestyle Camo was born out of a demand for something fresh and innovative in camouflage. Through the years, several colorations of Lifestyle Camo were developed to boldly express ones love for the outdoors.  If you like camo with a twist, check out these unique designs.

Muddy Girl®

Purdy ‘n’ Dirty. Muddy Girl is a cultural movement that brings all of us country loving, mud slinging, backroad cruising outdoor enthusiasts together to express our lifestyle.  Our Muddy Girl passion is what drives us to share our experiences with the world.

Grit House™

God, Guns and Garages.  Grit House graphics say everything about hard working Americans that have a love for their country and the freedom to express it.  Great bands, businesses and vehicle builds have started in garages. Your Grit House is the place that fuels your passion. What’s your Grit House?


Come Alive.  Pulse is a brand that develops visually appealing, multipurpose patterns. The first design started with the surface of an alligator. Macro and Micro elements were added to create a fresh new look. Many natural surfaces can be seen within the bold design and its endless colorations.  By monitoring trends and creating unique patterns, Pulse will continually introduce designs in colorways for the mass markets.


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