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Harvest Moon Camo Perforated Window Film



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Customize your deer stand, duck blind, vehicle, and so many other projects with the Small Perforated Window Film in your favorite Camo.
Made of a highly decorative, one-way, see through material, that adds privacy. From the outside, it appears as a solid window film. Inside, it is completely see-through. Trim-to-fit panel measures 24″ x 66″ or 48″ x 66″.
Back Adhesive window film
Manufacturer’s 3 year warranty



Installation Guide

  • Window Cleaner, Mild Soap & Water Mixture or Alcohol – to clean the surface.
  • Lint Free Paper Towel or Cloth – to dry the surface.
  • Low-Tack Masking Tape – to tack in place or create a hinge depending on application.
  • Squeegee or Credit Card – for applying vinyl
  • Hobby Knife (OFLA or XACTO knife) – for trimming away excess vinyl.
  • Heat Gun – for heating the vinyl graphics around edges.
  • The first step in any successful application is cleaning your Camowraps® Project before Installation.
  • Clean outside of window thoroughly with Window Cleaner, Isopropyl Alcohol or a Mild Soap and Water solution.
  • Use Lint-Free Towels to dry surface and remove any excess liquid or dirt around edges.
  • Make sure all stickers are removed from the glass area.
  • Once the Glass Area is Clean and Dry, you can apply the Camowraps® Window Film.
RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION CONDITIONS:Whenever possible, try to apply graphics indoors in a controlled environment, such as a covered car bay or garage. Doing so will not only help you control the temperature (ideally between 70°F and 80°F), but also reduce the amount of wind, dust and other contaminates that may hinder the install process. Make sure your bay or garage is as clean as possible from dust or debris that may happen to circulate during your install (mop floor and dust with a damp cloth) before bringing in the surface for the vinyl application.

If you must do your install outside, grab a friend and choose a non-windy day that is between 60°F and 90°F, with a surface temperature over 45°F (use water to cool surface) to insure the adhesive bond forms correctly.

  • Do NOT use an Ice Scraper on the Rear Window or risk of damage to the Window Film may occur.
  • Do NOT operate windshield wipers on glass with the window graphics installed. This could damage both the window graphic as well as the wiper.
  • Excessive Heat and/or Cold temperature exposure will reduce the life of the adhesive.
  • Glass can be easily scratched. Use extreme caution when using the razor blade on the glass surface as to not scratch your window.
  • This product is to be applied to the OUTSIDE of the Rear Window Only. This product is not to be applied to any other window of the vehicle as it may significantly obstruct visibility and create a significant safety hazard.
  • This product requires trimming with a sharp razor blade. Use extreme caution when using sharp objects as they can cause severe injury. Take extreme care not to damage any surrounding area of the vehicle when trimming the excess.
  • State and Local Laws may prohibit the use of Window Film being installed on your vehicle. Please check with your State and Local Regulations to verify that the use of this product is approved.
  • Install this product only in strict accordance with the provided instructions.
  • Installing this product may reduce or impair visibility.
When Installing a Full Piece of Window Film, it is always best to have an extra set of hands to help with the Installation.

  1. Gather materials; Masking Tape, Razor Knife to cut excess, and the included Squeegee.
  2. Hold Film up to Window to make sure it will fit properly with excess material at the edges.
  3. Position and Secure Window Film with small pieces of Masking Tape.
  4. Once in place use masking tape as a hinge in the center of the Window Film Vertically.
  5. Gently fold one half of the material and remove the back liner paper and use the supplied squeegee to apply the exposed Window Film. Apply by using soft vertical strokes, evenly up and down, working from the center outwards. Once the first half is applied, repeat steps for the remaining half of the Window Film. DO NOT STRETCH THE MATERIAL. THIS WILL CAUSE THE PRODUCT TO CURL AND LIFT FROM THE WINDOW AFTER IT IS INSTALLED.
  6. Once Window Film is completely installed, trim to fit around the edges using a sharp XACTO Knife or Razor Blade to complete your installation. WARNING: USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN TRIMMING TO AVOID INJURY AND TO AVOID DAMAGE TO THE VEHICLE.
  7. Discard excess Material.
Use soap and water to clean graphics. Do Not use a pressure washer on graphics as this can cause them to rip and peel away. Do Not use petroleum based cleaners or spill gas on graphics as this can cause them to fade or change color completely. Do Not wax the graphics; it will only cause damage to them.
  1. This product can be easily removed by starting at any corner and pealing the Window Film away from the window on a downward angle.
  2. If the product is stuck very well, you may use a plastic scrapper to get between the product and the glass to assist in the removal process. It also helps to let the Window Film Heat Up in sun before removing.
  3. Once the entire product is removed, use Glass Cleaner or a Citrus Based Solvent to remove any excess adhesive from the surface.

Additional information

Weight1.36077711 lbs
Dimensions5 × 36 × 5 in
Vinyl Width



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